Rules and Regulations

How To Win

There will be up to 9 individual tournaments that will take place all over
New Brunswick.  Each tournament will be a catch, photograph and release event.  Participants can enter one or all of the tournaments, and are trying to catch as many different eligible species as possible.  From each event anglers will submit their best length of each species caught.  You can
upgrade your previous totals as the series continues at different tournaments.  Upon completion of the final tournament of the series, the angler with the highest combined species length will be announced as the SERIES WINNER, there will be prizes for the top three finishers of the

How to Win Individual Tournaments

Each tournament will be a catch, photograph and release event.
Participants are trying to catch as many different eligible species as
possible in that tournament.  From each event anglers will submit their
best length of each species caught, prizes will be awarded for most
anglers at each tournament.


Rankings determined by combined length of eligible species caught that
Bonus points will be awarded for the following of each tournament:
1 st     +    5pts
2 nd    +    4
3 rd    +    3
4 th    +    2
5 th    +    1
+ 3pts for catching Longest Target Species (see tournament details)
+ 1pt for catching Target Species

Rules and Regulations for Hook and Paddle Tournaments:

1. Tournament fishing must be within the specified times. Fish caught outside this time will be disqualified. These are Catch Photo-Release events only.

2. Fishing must be done via a single person kayak OR paired up in a canoe within the specified boundaries for each tournament.  You can relocate within the boundaries during the tournament hours if you wish. See each locations boundary maps provided on

3. All fishing must comply with provincial, Energy and Resource Development updated regulations. These can be found on their website

4. We have listed 20 species that are eligible for entry, with bonus points awarded for Target Species. The greatest length of each fish species caught will be added together to determine each tournament standings. Total length is the measurement from the tip of the closed mouth as it contacts the measuring device, to the tip of the tail (with the tail collapsed) in order to get the longest possible length measurement. Each participant is responsible for knowing the difference between species that are eligible.

5. At least one clear, detailed, color photo showing full-length side view of fish must accompany each entry. The fish should fill as much of the frame of the photograph as possible. Your picture should include the Hook and Paddle approved ID marker and numbered measurement device alongside the fish to verify length. Both the fish and device should be the same distance from the camera. The photos must be clear enough to easily tell the length of the fish. Judges have the authority to make each call on a case to case basis.

6. All anglers must submit their photos as per the posted tournament submission time to qualify their catches. Photos will not be accepted after the posted schedule time.

7. As guests of the host facilities and surrounding areas we must act in a responsible manner both on and off the water. Failure to comply may result in disqualification and possible removal from tournament or host site.

8. Hook and Paddle does not support the harvesting of fish during the time frame of its events.

9. Rods and Bait Each Participant will be allowed a maximum of two lines in the water at any time.  Additional rods may be rigged and ready, but not in use. Artificial and Live baits are permissible for each tournament (unless otherwise stated)

10. It is the responsibility of the angler to know all the regulations and to obtain all angling licenses and related permits.

Please respect the rules, have a great time and keep your Boat-A-Float!



1. All participants MUST pre-register online prior to the day of the tournament. There will be no in-person registrations accepted the morning of the tournament.

2. We will host a Facebook Live, pre-tournament meeting explaining rules, answering questions and concerns, as well as best practices the week prior to each tournament.

3. Upon online registration, each participant will receive a unique tournament ID number that will be
required to be in each photo submitted. Eligible photos of your largest species caught that day, will only be accepted via text message to 506.875.0982, during the posted photo submission times.

4. When launching, please allow for a six foot social distancing rule between participants. Please respect social distancing when on the water.

5. Prizes will only be awarded to the top 10 finishers, one at a time each tournament. Participants will be able to come and choose their prize, with a photograph of prize, until further restrictions are lifted.

What do you need to bring to a Paddlers Fishing Event?

Check for wind, rain and temp forecast

Here is a checklist of potential items:

Water bottle / Snacks
Hat / touque
Waterproof jacket and pants
Life jacket
Flashlight / headlamp
Fishing rods
Tackle / leader

Paddle & leash
Anchor and rope
Tie down straps
Milk crate
Digital camera or cell phone
Spare batteriesPower bank and USB cable
Fish finder / battery box / cable
Ziploc bag
Measuring device
Fish grip
Tackle and Bait