Grand Bay

When: June 11, 2023

Entry Fee: $40

Location :

Westfield Beach
6 Ferry Rd
Grand Bay-Westfield, NB

Tournament Details:

Grand Bay-Westfield, for three straight years this location was host to some great season finale totals. Then in 2021 we moved it up in the schedule, took a year off in 2022, but GBW has made the HP schedule for the fifth time! As we move it a bit earlier in the schedule, anglers that have fished in previous seasons will likely want to pre-fish a bit to get used to fish locations again – because Fish, Location and Presentation = Success as you head into the brackish water / marsh for species.

Target Species: “Chubby-Chain” Chub/Fall Fish + Chain Pickerel combined length


Launching: Anglers must have launched and be on the water by 8:00am
Measuring device approval: Measuring devices must be brought to and approved at registration.
Scoring: Rankings are determined by combined length of eligible species caught on tournament day. Bonus points will be awarded for the following at each tournament – See bonus structure on H&P rules page
Additional info: regarding the series can be found on our website