Almost a month has past since receiving the Landways Outdoor Sports inflatable kayak.  I’ve been out at least 8 times in it so far in all kinds of conditions. It’s a true joy to use and keeps me craving to use it again and again. I’ve fished in still water lakes, fast flowing rivers, ocean currents, and have not in any situation found this kayak to be inadequate or making me want something different.

Starting with ease of setup. It takes about 5 minutes to be setup and ready to paddle. The kayak has 3 separate chambers to inflate. Each chamber is made of very sturdy pvc and I am confident because of the quality of it will last for many years and take the use/abuse of many years of paddling adventures. The seat clips in, and has 2 fishing rod holders that lock in place, and are adjustable to many angles and positions. Not to mention on each side there are paddle holders. I also love that this kayak has spray skirts on both ends. Also each end is covered with a firm plastic shield in case you run into something.

Inflating the kayak is easy.  There are three separate chambers to inflate. Each part has a fascinating air valve that locks in place so when you remove the pump (which is included when you buy the kayak) no air escapes. At the end of the day there is a small part you simple push down and lock into  place and it allows the air to rush out quickly. So after a day on the water, tear down is just as simple as setup. And the floor piece is removable so you can wash it off, as well it’s easier to empty water from the kayak once it is removed. Once the kayak is packed up in it’s easy to carry bag and you’re done the days adventure, it stores away taking up less space then a traditional kayak. Al the accessories and the paddle fit in the bag, I have also fit my life jacket, and some fishing gear in it to carry from my vehicle to the place I plan to launch into the water from.

I had concerns before I got the kayak that a paddler may sit too low in the kayak and that would create challenges in paddling. But with the inflatable floor in place, you are lifted up to be positioned at the same height many sit on top kayaks offer. The seat has several adjustments to place it to a position that fits you and feels comfortable. I choose a upright position since that allows for the best posture and least amount of strain on your body while paddling.

landway sports inflatable kayak fishing


I have found there to be plenty of room in the kayak for accessories. In the picture about notice my tackle box tucked away under a spray skirt. In behind me I have a milk crate converted to suit my needs, with rod holders, and a compartment to hold my extra tackle, snacks, and whatever else I may need.  I use the crate for days when I plan to be on the water longer. I’ve even had my kids (one at a time) in the kayak with me, sitting behind. During a photography session with Landways they had 2 adults in the kayak at the same time and there was plenty of room.  So I am confident this inflatable fishing kayak can hold you and all your gear (likely even for an overnight trip) as well as extra people if needed. It’s a true workhorse capable of what you need.

landways inflatable kayak setup


The only negative points I have noticed are, that the included paddle might be a bit short, and flexy.When going for long power strokes while fighting wind and waves I have noticed this challenge. But the paddle does the job it’s suppose. If you are a strong paddler, you may want to consider upgrading to a different paddle. Also the rod holders depending on the angle you adjust them and where you place your seat might feel in the way. But with proper seat placement, and  angling the rods pointing backwards you barely notice them, and rarely hit them while paddling.

The kayak is stable. You can stand up in it and cast from a standing position without concern of tipping. It seems as though it would take a lot of effort to tip this kayak. I have tried. Wobbling back and forth in many directions and it seems very challenging to try and get this kayak to roll over. My wife has even had a few times where she has used it as a stand up paddle board and suggested it worked quite well for that application.

Overall I love the kayak, it has been a great joy to use. I’m very thankful to Landways for sponsoring me as a kayak angler, and have enjoyed the use of the kayak. I look forward to each adventure on the water with the kayak. When I’m not on the water often find myself drifting into wishful thoughts that I was out paddling.  As I type this review even I find my mind drifting and now planning to get out in it to fish and paddle today.  I am confident if you choose to purchase one of these amazing kayaks, you would find the same joy that I have in using it. So until next time…


Paul Dixon
NB Gideon District Leader/ Freelance web developer (