From Minnow to Muskie the fish whisperer continues his species hunt…
Today’s stop in Nackawic was relatively new waters for most anglers, but with the prospect of potentially adding a 30+ incher to your species list was tempting. With the best Kayak fishing conditions we’ve had in the series so far, the 10 participants that decided to go muskie hunting were in for a treat.
Rene Pelletier, who entered with a little bit of knowledge of where to find the target species, wasted no time netting the largest target species of the day, a beautiful 32” muskie before noon. He also managed the water to find 3 other species, climbing the ranks in the overall standings, and sits in 2nd trailing 1st by 44 points. Rene also was the winner of a brand new Landway Inflatable fishing boat as the winner of the tournament, we want to thank Landway for providing such an amazing prize to our series! Chris Bingham, participating in just his second tournament found 5 different species, and was the only one to land a chub on the day, but all his species are adding up and he finds himself in 3rd overall in the series. Our resident fish whisperer and leader of the series, John Cail also finished with 5 species, including a minnow on the fly, and a leaping 28’ muskie, that jumped on the front of his kayak as he was paddling back for photo registrations. That last minute muskie helped propel John, further increasing the gap between himself and the rest of the field.
With just two tournaments left, it’s looking like an exciting two horse race for the top spot in the series, and with one of our largest, and longest running locations in Oromocto still to come on July 28th, we are sure to be adding a few more species to the list.