In 2023 – Hook & Paddle was able to host a one day, kayak, catch-photo-release open championship event.  The winner of the championship had the opportunity to claim a spot representing Team Canada in the 2024 Kayak World Fishing Championships.  This year we hope to do the same thing, and make this one off event a special one to remember!  To stay up to date on anything related to the Hook & Paddle series or to ask questions, please visit the Facebook page – @hookandpaddle https://www.facebook.com/hookandpaddle or reach out via our website www.hookandpaddle.ca

Tournament Director’s Notes

First, we want to personally thank you for considering joining the Hook and Paddle Open Championship! We are excited to showcase our province’s healthy fish species and level of competition, at a national and even international level.  We want to thank our sponsors for helping make this event possible and exciting for you, the angler!

August 31, 2023

Multi-Species, Catch-Photo-Release – target species to be determined 

FORMAT: 10” minimum length for any species submitted – winner is determined by combined total length