East Branch Dam

When: June 9, 2024

Entry Fee: $40

Location :

East Branch Dam
175 Stillwater Rd
Musquash NB

Tournament Details:

The first of three new locations in the 2024 H&P Series.  Located in the Southwest Region of New Brunswick, it’s known that this part of the province has several species on our list, it will be interesting to see what species anglers will be able to pull from the coves and channels near Musquash.  This is also the first of a new mini-competition we will introduce called the Southwest NB Showdown — anglers will combine their scores from this tournament and McAdam for a special prize!

Target Species: “Small Fall” Smallmouth Bass + Chub/Fall Fish combined length


Launching: Anglers must have launched and be on the water by 8:00am
Under 16 is free for youth anglers
Measuring device approval: Measuring devices must be brought to and approved at registration.
Scoring: Rankings are determined by combined length of eligible species caught on tournament day. Bonus points will be awarded for the following at each tournament – See bonus structure on H&P rules page
Additional info: regarding the series can be found on our website www.hookandpaddle.ca