When: September 3, 2023

Entry Fee: $40

Location :

Nackawic Arena
152 Otis Dr
Nackawic, NB
E6G 2P1

Tournament Details:

Nackawic proved to be a game-changer for some anglers in the 2022 series, was there ever any doubt that HP would be returning for a fifth year to “the bend”? Pack the kitchen sink, as you might need to use all the tackle you have to nail down the lunkers in Nackawic!

New for 2023: Bass-only add-on.

Target Species: “Biggie Smalls” The angler with the largest measurement between their longest smallmouth bass and shortest (example If you catch a 20 inch and a 12 inch your total for bonus points is 8 inches)


Launching: Anglers must have launched and be on the water by 8:00am
Measuring device approval: Measuring devices must be brought to and approved at registration.
Scoring: Rankings are determined by combined length of eligible species caught on tournament day. Bonus points will be awarded for the following at each tournament – See bonus structure on H&P rules page
Additional info: regarding the series can be found on our website

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