As the manager of the New Brunswick Paddlers Fishing Series, I wanted to write this post to give my honest opinion on the Old Town Predator 13 Kayak. If you’re reading this and considering what kayak to choose for you next fishing kayak look no further than the Predator 13. I was anxious to try this kayak, because our generous series sponsor OutdoorsNB has donated an Old Town Predator 13 for us to give away to one lucky participant in the New Brunswick Paddlers Fishing Series, but on top of that, OutdoorsNB has also become a partner, and NBPFS is officially angling from one of their kayaks and representing them at each tournament in the beautiful kayak you see in the picture below.

OutdoorsNB Old Town Predator

If you are not familiar with OutdoorsNB – click this link to view their website, and owner Jeremy Cline is very knowledgeable and top notch when it comes to outfitting you with all you need to hit the water! I have fished in kayaks before, and couldn’t wait to hit the Hammond River with the OTP 13 – and as soon as I had it prepped and in the water, my first impression was that getting into the kayak was a breeze. If you grew up in the 80’s / 90’s and remember how tipsy getting into a kayak on the water can be, you know what I’m talking about…. I’m 220lb and as I eased my way in, like a caged bull, and the yak hardly moved, that kind of stability made a great first impression!

Handling this kayak on the water was not difficult at all, it was fast, the seat is super wide, sturdy and comfortable and makes for comfort angling when you get to your honey hole. Once you get to your favorite spot, the option of standing up and fishing is one of the best features of this kayak – just lift and move the seat back, and you have wide and stable place for casting in any direction. I was able to catch and release several fish on the day, and guiding the yak back through the Hammond to my vehicle as enjoyable until the wind started to pick up.

I knew that when I got back home, I was going to want to add some accessories for my next fishing derby in Bathurst on June 30th. I know the wind will be a factor, so I was looking to add a trolling motor to the OTP 13, and had several options to do that, but decided to rig up my own trolling motor dock, as well as add one of our other series sponsors Scotty, by adding a Scotty rod holder, and a Scotty ball mounting system to be fully prepared when hitting unchartered water for this angler. Here is what the OTP 13 looks like now as it waits for the next tournament in the NB Paddlers Fishing Series.


OutdoorsNB Old Town Predator

In summary,
* the Predator 13 is stable and fast although is a little heavy when lifting
* being able to stand and stretch my back, and fish is a great feature
* The storage is really nice, in the top-seat position I can put my Plano lure boxes under my seat for easy access, and there is so much storage for anything you need to


Thanks OutdoorsNB!

Bryan Cawthra

NBPFS Manager